Yellow Carrots!

I was at a friend’s house the other night when she pulled out a bag of yellow, yes yellow, carrots from Wild by Nature.  As a carrot lover, I was so surprised a)… Continue reading

Loving Home-cooked Meals

Cooking my food is something I really miss being able to do being away at school.  Dining hall food isn’t exactly gourmet, and while Nova’s definitely could be worse, I know I’m not… Continue reading

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! I just got home from school on Saturday after a long week of finals.  I hate to make excuses, but I was very busy preparing for my exams and did… Continue reading

Valley Forge

Once the weather starts to warm up it’s rare that I’ll be found inside.  My brother and I took advantage of the beautiful temperatures this weekend and drove over to Valley Forge on… Continue reading

Of Monsters and Men

A friend of mine, Aurora, bought me Of Monsters and Men concert tickets for my birthday.  They’re one of my personal favorites and I could not have been any more excited.  Not to… Continue reading

Birthday Dinner

Food, or I should say home cooked meals, is one of the major things I look forward to coming home to for my breaks.  I always ask my mom to buy the ingredients… Continue reading


A month ago I was in Tunisia with nine other students and two professors from Villanova studying the Arab Spring.  I could spend hours talking about how great my experience was, but that… Continue reading

It’s About Time…

For awhile now I’ve considered starting my own blog; publishing my thoughts as a vegetarian, free people-loving girl obsessed with traveling and cultures.  Having spent my last break exploring the realities of the… Continue reading