Since my semester ended about 3 weeks ago, I’ve done some traveling around Spain which has been lovely. After being set back by the stomach flu – having to purchase a new flight with Ryanair – I finally made my way to Barcelona to visit my partner in all adventures. Barcelona is a beautiful city – much bigger than my little Sevilla. I’ve gotten used to not having to take any public transportation, and I must say I haven’t missed it. Needless to say we had a blast. When I was able to stomach “real” food again, I managed to eat my way through the city, enjoying ever bite.

It will never cease to amaze me how small the world can be. I ran into two friends that I grew up with at a club in Barcelona. One studied in Leeds and the other in Prague this past semester, and simply by chance we bumped into each other. I’m still in shock. Later that same night I also found 5 euro on the ground. Spent or not, I’m still excited by that find…

I was able to meet up with a friend that I studied with in Sevilla, too. I’d say my timing for this trip was ideal. Pictures are out of order, pero bueno.

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