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Hello hello!

I started tried to pack a little yesterday, so that’s why I never made it here. Last year’s packing adventure was definitely a process. Let’s hope the second time around is a bit easier…

Anywho, here was my breakfast yesterday morning that I also made for myself today.

After letting Sophie out and taking her for a nice walk on the beach, my mom and I ran to Trader Joe’s to pick up some goodies for the house as well as for me to take back to school.  Almond butter, sunflower butter, nuts, nuts, some more nuts, and chia seeds.

Yesterday’s workout was this one from Jess of Blonde Ponytail.  I did just as she had, 5 rounds at 30 second work 10 seconds rest.  It was a good one, but I should have used heavier weights to really challenge myself.

On a totally separate note, I stumbled upon this site on Pinterest and had to share it.  It’s so precious and proves why animals truly are amazing and often a man’s best friend.  I’m such a sucker for stuff like this.

Also, someone please direct me to where I can invest in one of these crazy tents.

via Free People
via Pinterest

Thank you Free People and Pinterest for introducing me to such cool shelters.