Prince Brodie

This morning from Fit2Flex

A short jump rope warm up (not 10 minutes, though) as well as a few rest breaks, the eight rounds, and the two, one minute “knockout punches” totaled up to just under 30 minutes for me.

As per usual, I wasn’t too hungry after I was done, but I always like to provide my body with some sort of protein very soon after working out.  I also had to run off to an 11:30 appointment, so I had a small helping of cottage cheese, finished off right out of the container with a handful of grapes and slice of cantaloupe.  It hit the spot and held me over perfectly until I got back around 12:30 for lunch.


It’s a good thing I love animals and enjoy petsitting because I am again until Wednesday afternoon.  I will be leaving a little earlier for work today to feed Sophie (an adorable pup) and let her outside for a bit.  While we’re on the topic of pets, I have to share this picture of my prince…

Pillow. Mattress. Not pictured is another feather bed that he enjoys at my house in Massachusetts.