Straight from the Jar

Buenos dias.

I slept so well last night!  I went to bed around 11:30 and finally made myself get up just minutes before 9:00 because I typically don’t like to sleep past then.  Waking up hungry, I came downstairs and made myself an awesome bowl jar of oatmeal.  One of these days I’ll share the exact measurements I use, but to approximate, I added 1/4 cup oats to boiling water.  Once the water evaporated a bit I whisked in about 1/4  of a fairly large banana, 1/3 tsp chia seeds, and enough cinnamon to lightly cover the top.  As that thickened up on the stove, I made myself two cups of coffee with half regular, half decaf.
My add ins today were peanut butter, a very ripe peach, and the remaining banana.  I was nervous that the peach was going to make the oats a little too liquidy for my liking, but they kept basically the same consistency.  This was also my first time testing out oatmeal in a jar.  Since I’m weird and always prefer eating out of smaller, packed containers/bowls/cups/etc., I didn’t doubt that I would like it.  Nevertheless, I finished very content.
I’m looking forward to this morning’s circuit.  Julie posted the Sunrise Circuit yesterday and it seems right up my alley.