Pet Sitting

I haven’t been home today, yet.  I’m pet/house sitting until tomorrow so I spent last night and will be spending tonight at a different home.  After I got up this morning and fed the two pups, both adorable Australian Shepards, and the cats, I made myself the normal breakfast of whipped oatmeal with peanut butter, banana, and cinnamon.  I wasn’t sure what food was going to be in the house, so I brought these goodies from my own just to be safe.

Meet Rider 😉
Rider and Brooke – this picture was actually taken a while back when I was watching them last year.

It was a beautiful morning so I took the dogs out for a walk around the block, before arriving back at the house for some snacking, although I was not hungry at all.  I had the remainder of a vanilla Chobani that I brought along with me from yesterday with handfuls of Chocolate Cheerios and Kellogg’s Chocolate Krave cereals that were here – a reminder of why these are never in my house..they’re SO addicting.  Just for fun I also added a couple of sprinkles and unsweetened coconut over top.

Just multiply that amount of cereal by, well…a lot…

Once digested, I went into their basement to complete a satisfying workout that Julie posted on her blog, PBFingers, that she had adapted from Annica Nicole.  I decided to do Julie’s circuit, but went all the way down to one instead of six.  I was pretty excited because the family whose home I’m staying in has some great workout equipment that I was able to use.  For the lunges and squats I thought I used a 50lb dumbbell, but it definitely felt lighter and since it was once of those variations that can change to different weights, there’s a chance I did something wrong…ha, whoops.  For the kettlebell swings I used a 20lb bell, which was much more comfortable to use than a 20lb dumbbell which I typically complete these with.  Regardless of the potential weight mistake, I still felt challenged and finished in a layer of sweat…so pleasant.

I’m off to my house now for lunch and to grab a few other things for later on.  Farewell!