Avocado Chocolate Mousse

I hadn’t done the 100 workout in quite some time, so I brought that circuit/cardio back this morning after breakfast.  Again, another sweaty and fulfilling exercise session.

Tell me that doesn’t look absolutely amazing and you’re crazy.  Cantaloupe, raspberries, blueberries, cherries, one date, crushed up Rice Chex cereal, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and cinnamon.  Incredible, to say the least.  And yes, the chocolate chips, of which I have successfully over-indulged on for the past three days, are finally gone.  Thank you for your kind suggestion, Trader Joe’s, but 22 servings my ass…
As if the remainder of the little chocolate devils (I will forever love you) wasn’t enough, after dinner I made an avocado, yes avocado, chocolate mousse – I don’t feel too guilty about that though, it actually IS healthy for the most part!  I’ve seen a handful of recipes for different variations, but I chose to go with the simplest consisting of just three ingredients – thank you again PBFingers.
I sort of made up my own measurements because I didn’t want an entire avocado –  I had a small slice with my dinner (healthy eggplant parm leftovers), so I used only half.  The result was still extremely enjoyable.

How decadent looking?  I can’t believe all that’s in it is half of an avocado, a little over one tablespoon of Hershey’s cocoa powder, and a few teaspoons of honey.  Even if you aren’t a particular fan of avocados, I can almost promise you that this will go above and beyond any expectations you may have.