Volunteering at Best Friends

I totally forgot to post about this until now!  I mentioned it when I blogged about my trip out West a few weeks ago, but here’s a bit more.  To keep things simple, Best Friends is an organization that seeks to minimize the number of homeless and needy animals worldwide.  One of the days while on we were away, my family decided to volunteer at “Dog Town”.  We had the opportunity to attend a puppy preschool, which is where we met our beloved Shaniah, a Border Collie pup that was too cute for her own good.  If it were up to me, she would have been a new addition to our family (it almost happened…).

When puppy preschool ended, we headed over to where the active dogs were housed to take them out for walks.  Some were crazy, some were a timid, but all were absolutely adorable.  The dogs were broken up into groups of about 4 or 5, and different groups (or kennels) were not allowed to be walked together, I suppose for safety precautions.  Zeppo and Vaughn, below, were two dogs that my brother and I took out for a walk – because they “lived” together, Beau and I were able to stick with each other.
The rest of the shots are a few that I snapped from the buffet style cafeteria where we ate lunch, or on our drive back to the Volunteer/Visitor Center.  It truly was a beautiful location.  From pigs to parrots, Best Friends houses thousands of animals.  For those looking to adopt, it’s a great place to look into – all of the animals are extremely well taken care of and the Society is very accommodating as far as transferring the pets to new homes goes.  If you’re in the area, you have the option to do “sleepovers” with some of our little friends, as well.  Whether sleeping in one of the Sanctuary’s cabins, or finding a nearby pet-friendly establishment (XbarH Lodge!), you can bring home a dog, or cat, or even a pig for the night to spend some quality time with them and give them your undivided attention – something that they simply cannot be given at a place that cares for such a large number of animals.  Had my family not been unsure of the following day’s plans, we would have brought a pup home with us for an overnight.  Overall this was a really unique experience that I definitely will not forget!

These last two pictures aren’t from Best Friends, but from outside a supermarket in the nearby town of Kanab.  I think it’s so neat how these incredible land formations are the town’s natural surroundings – this sort of landscape is so normal for the people living in these areas.  And as far as this last picture goes, I felt it was almost cliche…A native cowboy strolling the streets in the late afternoon heat of a small Western town.  Made me chuckle…