Taking to the West

From Vegas to Orderville, my family and I took to the West last week for hiking, climbing, sightseeing, HOT weather, and hummingbirds. 
My mom and I split these two delicious dishes at Wolfgang Puck in the MGM Hotel and Casino.  The mixed vegetable salad was so refreshing, and with just a drizzle of the dressing over top it was a fantastic choice.  As for the omelet, if the picture doesn’t give any hint as to how great it tasted, I’m not sure what would.  Filled with mushrooms and cheese, each bite simply melted in our mouths. Needless to say, this was a great way to start our trip.
Bellagio, Las Vegas
As we ventured through Arizona to a more appropriate final destination (for my family), our trip took a slightly different turn from party city to, well, the middle of nowhere.  From trips to Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Red Narrows Slot Canyon, and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, I got a varied taste of life and scenery out West in a way that I never before had.  Something my mom and I had discussed as we had commenced our hike up Angel’s Landing (an Acrophobic’s worst nightmare) on our last full day was how every individual finds peace and favoritism in different landscapes.  While our trip out to the Utah area was great, it definitely was not a location we would title as our go to destination.  We have friends in Switzerland who would travel out to the Western coast of the US to explore the region every few years; they were in love with those areas.  I find it interesting everyone’s opinions are so diverse – one person can love a place, and another could simply bypass it as just another monument or city or state checked off a list of places to visit.  I suppose it’s a pretty obvious statement to make, but it is what makes the world go round, right?
Bryce Canyon
Buffalo Bistro, one of the few local restaurants in Orderville.  Great owner, great food (even for a vegetarian!)
Zion National Park
Hike up Angel’s Landing
Angel’s Landing chain
Surprisingly this was not the only dummy in a sheriff car that we passed…
Pictures from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary to come!