A Day in Philly

This weekend I was back at Nova for my brother’s graduation.  Saturday around noontime, after one of the ceremonies, I took a quick train ride into Center City to visit a friend at Drexel.  Not only was it a great day with delicious food, but I was very pleasantly surprised by Drexel’s campus.  I will admit to previously holding misconceptions about the city school, but as with the truth of many preconceived assumptions, I was wrong.  My friend, Christa, lives in a seventeen story dorm with incredible views of the city and surrounding community.  All around the campus are places to relax or study outside, as well as appetizing eateries to grab a bite with friends.

Our first stop after I got off the train was Sabrina’s Cafe.  It’s located directly within Drexel’s campus in a cute and cozy building that also houses a quiet lounge on the top floor for students to hangout or study.  Their menu is endless and each option is to die for.  We stuck to ordering our favorite – breakfast food.  After much consideration, I got the egg white vegetable frittata with feta on top and Christa got the tofu scramble.  Despite the HUGE portions, we polished off our plates without a problem.  I didn’t realize the dish would also come with some sort of potato side, so mine came with just classic potato wedges, while Christa instead opted for sweet potato fries.  I’m not a huge potato person, but I love love love sweet potatoes.  I stole quite a few of Christa’s fries, while she impressively ate my potatoes for me to avoid wasting.

The view from out table in Sabrina’s Cafe

After lunch, Christa led me on a brief tour of Drexel.  She showed me her dorm with its spectacular views, as well as inside a few of the buildings throughout the campus.  Along the way we passed a number of the infamous food trucks that offer endless options of tempting food (with even vegetarian friendly choices!), and she introduced me to some of the best spots to simply kick back or explore.  

View from Millenium, Christa’s dorm
Bio wall in the science building – it’s alive..really!

Given the perfect weather, we decided to walk to Rittenhouse for a bit more exploring, shopping, and a visit to some of Christa’s favorite places, among which include the quaint cafe of Pure Fare, renowned gelateria Capogiro’s, and the bargain hunter’s go-to shopping joint, the Buffalo Exchange.  Saturday was also the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival which celebrates and promotes shops and restaurants in the area along a traffic closed strip on Walnut Street.  The environment was really unique and lively, and I don’t think I could have chosen a better day to first experience this part of the city.

A beautiful church that we passed on our walk to Rittenhouse Row

Another thank you to Christa for showing me around her neck of the woods on this beautiful day!