Of Monsters and Men

A friend of mine, Aurora, bought me Of Monsters and Men concert tickets for my birthday.  They’re one of my personal favorites and I could not have been any more excited.  Not to mention it was at the TLA in Philly which is an awesome venue – not too big, not too small.

Beautiful South Street

The opener for Of Monsters and Men was Lay Low.  She was great – so sweet and down to earth. She also sang a song in Icelandic which was pretty cool. Normally she’s not by herself, but they couldn’t afford to send them all from Iceland to the states, so she’s a one man act for now.

We lucked out and got fairly close to the stage, only a few feet away!

Walking in, everyone was given monster a head.  There were a few different ones, all colorful and kind of neat looking, though.  At one point the band asked everyone to hold up their monster heads so they could take a picture from the stage, and I managed to snag this in the process.

If you ever have the opportunity to see Of Monsters and Men live, I would highly recommend it.  I’ve been to my fair share of concerts and this was by far one of the best!  They interacted with the crowd really well, and overall they were just really fun to watch and listen to (but that’s a given).  The fact that they’re from Iceland is a game changer for me, too, but I guess that’s in part due to my worldly obsession…