A month ago I was in Tunisia with nine other students and two professors from Villanova studying the Arab Spring.  I could spend hours talking about how great my experience was, but that might get boring.  So my solution to problems like this are to allow my pictures to tell the story,to sum up the endless descriptions that I could use for each day and each city.


Just keep in mind I’m still trying to get the hang of this, so you may want to prepare for some mistakes…

A quaint spice shop in what essentially was like an open aire market in Tunis.

This huge park with beautiful views was a short walk from our hotel.   We were having a lecture in the morning when a man appeared with his pet sheep.  It could have been a dog, to say the least – so cute!
Walking through a small sight of ruins – our preview to Carthage.
Sidi Bou Said
This city reminded me of the Greek Isles with its white wash buildings that were complimented by bright blue doors and shutters.
Hookah, coffee, and tea in Sidi Bou Said
View from our room in Ain Draham
Ruins in Dougga
Beautiful bathroom in Bananas Club, Sousse
Quick camel ride before arriving in Kairouan
Carpets galore in Kairouan
Final feast in Tunis – by far the best cous cous I’ve ever had.
On the way home, our layover in Frankfurt, Germany was a few hours.  Despite being about 6 in the morning, we headed into the heart of the city, stopping at the infamous red light district…and for some traditional German delicacies.