I had flight credit that was to expire on June 1st, so on May 31st I booked a flight to Panama for this past week to visit a friend from school. I hadn’t… Continue reading


Apparently I fell off the bandwagon after I made it past Steamboat, so the remainder of my road trip went…Salt Lake City, UT, where Beau and I had both already been, but it… Continue reading


Leaving Cheyenne, I crossed the Cameron Pass through the Rockies into Steamboat Springs, Colorado to visit a friend that I met studying abroad. Back in my element with all the green and hiking… Continue reading


I’m losing track of days and time, especially because we keep gaining hours the farther west we move. I was in Nebraska until this morning, although it seems like longer ago. We left… Continue reading


Some more interstate travel brought Beau and I to Iowa. Our first stop was in Davenport, primarily to see the Mississippi River. Checked that off the list. Our second was in Des Moines.… Continue reading

Chi Town

From Ann Arbor we made our way to Chicago to visit another one of Beau’s friends from Nova. We went first thing to claim a parking spot on a street near his apartment… Continue reading

Cross Country Chronicles

I-80 has been our go to route. From Macungie, Pennsylvania we set out west toward Ohio. We made several stops to break up the long day of driving (which Beau did all of… Continue reading

Last Leg

I could not have imagined a better way to conclude what made for an incredible nine months. From La Feria de Abril in Sevilla, to a three week long travel adventure beginning in… Continue reading

Way up North

I suppose just over a month late isn’t awful. These were from my trip to Galicia with Sarah. We first visited A Coruña, made a quick stop in Santiago, and then head to… Continue reading

Spring Break

Between managing my other blog for class, and really enjoying every moment during my last few weeks, and of course completing finals and all that, I’ve fallen far behind yet again. These photos… Continue reading